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High download and upload speeds from 250 Mbps. to 600 Mbps.  Unlimited usage.

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Internet Plans

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We offer two special promotions to celebrate our new real fiber network at Boutique2 (we say "real" fiber as our network is the only fiber network at the building -- despite what others might claim). You get unlimited service with very high download and upload speeds and a variety of other bells and whistles. In addition, prices are far lower than those of Bell Canada and Rogers. Your super fast internet service is also great for enjoying Netflix and other internet-based media services.


250 / 250 Mbps.*

Unlimited Usage



600 / 600 Mbps.*

Unlimited Usage


* Download / upload speeds
Please note: all prices exclude applicable taxes.

What is included with each internet plan?

Features and Benefits


Low Cost

No Risk

Peace of Mind

  • No contracts
  • No installation, activation, cancellation or other miscellaneous fees
  • Extremely competitive pricing (save hundreds of dollars per year relative to Rogers, Bell and others)
  • Price guarantee — your total cost of service will always be lower than the cost of a comparable service from Rogers or Bell during the same period
  • Symmetrical speeds (high download and upload speeds)
  • Unlimited usage — No data caps / limits
  • Free use of high-end modem/router included ($100 fully refundable security deposit required)
  • Simple, straight-forward billing
  • Unthrottled speeds (constant quality of service)
  • Fiber to the building
  • Network specifically designed for Boutique 2
  • Services are typically activated within a day
  • Friendly and prompt support